Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tips for beautiful nails

As we take care of our hair and our skin, nail should also be taken care of; as it is also a very important part of our body. It helps us to protect fleshy fingertips from getting hurt and even provide us aid to manipulate small objects. Since our nails protect us, so we should take proper care of it. Manicuring is the process of caring our nails and our hands. It isn’t a tough job to do manicure at home. Just follow the below steps to have a French manicure, which makes the nails healthy and shiny:
1. At first, remove your nail polish with a nail polish remover dipped in a piece of cotton.
2. Take tepid water in a small tub and add one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and shampoo to it.
3. Soak your hand in the water atleast for ten minutes.
4. Then clean your nails with a soft bristle brush and remove the dead skin with a cuticle cutter.
5. Finally pat dry the hands and apply hand cream/ lotion. Massage your hands for around five minutes.
Some of the very important tips, which should be kept in mind, are:
1. Stop biting nails. They carry harmful bacteria under your nails, which can get into your stomach and cause illness.
2. Instead of peeling off your nail polish with your nails, use nail polish remover to get the job done.
3. For cleaning your nails, just rub a slice of lemon under your nail and the result is fabulous.
4. To make soft nails harder, soak them in warm olive oil for about twenty minutes on every alternative day.
5. The best time to do manicure is after a shower. It softens the dry nails and will even remove dirt from under the nails.


At 5:15 AM, Anonymous oenvy said...

Thanks for the tips for doing French manicure. Now, I can at least try once in my home.

At 4:28 AM, Blogger coco said...

good tips
im so bad at painting my nails so this helped


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