Thursday, June 07, 2007

Five type of Facials

There are different types of facial for dissimilar kind of skins, which can be easy done at home. Those are as follows:

1. Acne Facial: It is mostly recommended for oily skin, as because oily skins are generally acne prone. At first, clean the face with a lemon juice (add a bit of rose water to it). Then apply astringent on the dry face. Mix one tablespoon of sugar/salt to olive oil and then scrub the mix onto the face until the sugar/salt is finally dissolved. Wash the face well with tepid water and then apply a mix of one cup of yoghurt with the juice of a half lemon. Keep the blend for atleast half an hour and then wash off your face.

2. Anti-aging Facial: For ten minutes, apply a blend of one teaspoon of honey, egg white and two tablespoon of flour. Then wash off your face well with lukewarm water. You can even add honey and lemon juice to the water, since it gives a moisturizing effect.

3. Floral Facial: It is useful for every type of skin. Mix two tablespoon of red or pink rose petals with two tablespoon of lavender, one tablespoon of jasmine’s petals and two cup of fresh water. Then simmer it. Now, dip a cotton ball into the floral water and apply it all over the facial skin. Leave it for fifteen minutes and then wash it off. It helps the skin to give a glowing effect.

4. Ayurvedic Facial: Massage your face with a blend of one teaspoon of neem oil, one teaspoon of tea tree oil, a cherry, milk and lemon juice. Then wash off the face with cold water. Then take a clean cloth, soak it into the water and press it onto your face for sometimes. This facial can be done at any age and it is highly helpful for the blood circulation.

5. Gold Facial: This facial is used for reducing the effect of skin toxins, maintaining the elasticity of the skin and it even helps to trim down wrinkles. Massage a mix of one teaspoon of gold cream or gold gel with one teaspoon of aloe vera oil for atleast thirty minutes. Then clean the face well with cotton ball. This facial is effective for any person of any age.


At 4:32 AM, Anonymous netalica said...

Hey, The information was mind blowing, specially for me since I don't find enough time to go out for a facial at beauty parlours. Earlier I heard about gold facial, but didn't know the ingredients to use. Thanks a loads.

At 5:01 AM, Anonymous olivia said...

Wow! Nice posting. Thanks for the tips.

At 5:37 AM, Anonymous jessica said...

I use egg whites on my face. Keep it 15m and rinse it with clean water. It makes my skin fresh and glowing.


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