Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hair Care in Herbal way

How do you keep the natural look of your hair? Your hair is an important part of your beauty. Proper care should be taken to influence the healthy grow of hair. Dandruff, thinning hair, balding, premature graying, split ends these are the causes of hair spoiling. Here are some herbal remedies for healthy and shiny hair:-

Homemade Remedies for Dandruff:

1. Mix a tablespoon of neem oil or coconut oil with the same quantity of castor oil and mustard oil. Massage this oil mixture on your scalp every night and wash with a natural shampoo on the next day.

Herbal Tips for Shiny Hair:

1. Make a paste of eight strawberries and one tablespoon of mayonnaise. Massage this into wet hair. Wrap your hair with a shower cap and then a warm towel. Leave it for fifteen minutes. Lastly rinse with herbal shampoo and apply conditioner. You can use it as an effective hair mask which will give you a wealthy shiny hair.

2. Mix one tablespoon of honey into four cups of tepid water. Wash your hair with neem based shampoo; decant this concoction through your hair. Don’t wash; let it dry as normal way.

Herbal Remedies for Premature graying of Hair:

1. Take two tablespoons of henna powder, one tablespoon of yogurt, one tablespoon of fenugreek seed, one tablespoon of coffee, two tablespoon of mint juice and two tablespoons of basil juice. Combined the ingredients and make a paste. Apply this mixture on your hair. Leave it for two to three hours and wash with herbal shampoo.

Herbal Tips for Hair Loss:

1. An herbal remedy to reduce hair loss is prepared with the garlic juice of three flakes of garlic and four crush peppercorns into the 50 ml of heated coconut oil. Let the oil cool and massage it into the hair in regular basis. It’s very useful for hair growth.

2. To stop hair losses apply an easy process. Boiled fresh neem leaves in water. Cool it and wash your hair through it in daily basis.

3. Mix up 20 ml olive oil with one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Make a soft paste. Apply this paste on the scalp and wash it off with tepid water after half an hour. Try out this twice a week for a month. It helps to reduce hair fall.

At last but not least, never forget to brush your hair before shampooing in every time. It’s the first step to a hair care routine. Don’t brush hair when it damp.

Drink plenty of water and follow proper diet. Vitamin B, C, A, K and E are very essential for hair. Vitamin A works especially for hair which is found in green vegetables and yellow color fruits. Vitamin B increases the thickness of hair and provides shine to the hair. Be sure that all these vitamins are included in your diet. Try to avoid spicy food and take more vegetables, salads, fruits, milk, Soya beans, butter milk, proteins, wheat germ and nuts.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Winter Skin Care with Fruits

Winter is the most problematic season for our skin. Skin becomes rough, irritated and lifeless in this season. Soft, smooth and glowing skin needs lots of moisturizer. But only moisturizer is not enough. Fruits are the key ingredient of healthy skin. Fruits contain essential vitamins and minerals that are good for our healthy skin. There are some winter skin care tips with fruits which are as follows:-

1. Orange juice helps to make instant glow of our skin. Apply the juice in cotton on your face, neck and hand. Leave it for ten minutes and wash it off with plain water.

2. Mix one tablespoon of fresh apple juice with one fourth teaspoon of lime juice. It can be a good refreshing tonic for the skin. You can use it as an effective skin cleanser.

3. Mix one medium very ripe tomato with one cup of un-boiled milk. Apply it on your face and neck. Leave it for fifteen minutes and wash it off. It’s also a good cleanser.

4. Make a paste of papaya, strawberry, melon and banana and rub it on your face. Leave it for ten minutes for the best result. Rinse it and see the difference.

5. Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of honey and a half cup of water. Massage into your skin after bathing. It’s a great moisturizer.

6. Grapes are great for the skin. Apply grape juice in cotton on your face to remove dark spots.

7. Amla is a great source of vitamin C. It helps to nourish our skin. So, take amla daily basis to replenish skin and also drink at least eight glasses of water every day to overcome the water loss from the skin in this season.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Effectiveness of Cucumber

Scientific name of Cucumber is Cucumis sativus. There is a question that cucumber is a fruit or vegetable. There are enormous effectual assessments of cucumber shown in below -

Nutritional value:-

Cucumber is a very good source of the vitamins C (9.2%) and the mineral molybdenum (6.9%). It is also a good source of vitamin A (4.5%), potassium (4.3%), manganese (4.0%), folate (3.4%), dietary fiber (3.3%), tryptophan (3.1%), and magnesium (2.9%) and also contains silica.

Health Benefits:-

This fruit is a great source of ascorbic acid and caffeic acid, which helps console skin irritations and reduces inflammation.

High Blood Pressure:-

Cucumber is quite useful to reduce high blood pressure.

A Radiant Complexion:-

Cucumber is excellent for making skin soft and fair. Cucumber juice is a good source of silica which is an essential element to improve the complexion and health of the skin. It helps to maintain the moisturizer balance of skin. It’s very good to remove sunburn.

For glowing skin:-

1. Cucumber is a natural cleanser. Mix two teaspoons of cucumber juice with two teaspoons of milk and use it as a cleanser.

2. To remove dark underarms and neck mix half cup of cucumber juice with two tea spoons of lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric. Apply it daily. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse off.

3. Mix two table spoons of cucumber juice with two table spoons of curd. Apply the mixture on your face for getting attractive and glowing skin.

4. Mix a full cucumber with one egg white, one lemon juice and one tea spoon of mint. Refrigerate it for ten minutes. Apply this mask on your face and leave it for fifteen minutes and wash it of tepid water. This mask is very effective for oily skin.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Medicinal values of Bitter Gourd

Momordica charantai
or Bitter gourd is also known as Karela in Hindi Language. It is one of the common vegetables used in India, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and in Vietnam. Bitter gourd is a source of all necessary vitamins and minerals such as, vitamin A, B1, B2, iron, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorous, and Copper. Regular use of bitter gourd can help us to prevent many diseases like hypertension, indigestion, eye complication etc. It purifies blood tissues and stimulates liver functions. Following are some diseases where bitter gourd plays a major role in order to get rid of them:
Diabetes: Researches revealed that it contains insulin like property which is very helpful to lower the urine sugar level. Taking the juice of four and five fruits every morning is quite helpful for diabetic patients.
Cholera: Mixture of two tsp. of bitter gourd juice with the same quantity of onion juice and one tsp. of lemon juice is effective in the early stage of cholera.
Constipation and Piles: The decoction of the roots is beneficial for this kind of ailments. Mixed three tsp. of leaf juice with a glassful of fresh milk. Take it every morning for a month can help to get relief form piles.
Blood related diseases: In case of different diseases which are related to blood, regular use of the blend of a cup of bitter gourd juice and one tsp. of lime juice in empty stomach may give positive result.
Respiratory Disorders: For cough and cold, asthma, bronchitis etc. and also in other respiratory disorders bitter gourd plays an important role. For respiratory problems mix up a tsp. of root paste with the equal amount of honey or the juice of basil leaves and take it once before going to bed at night.
Alcoholism: Bitter gourd is also helpful for damaged liver caused by intaking excess alcohol.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Relax with spa treatment at home

Spas are an excellent way to rejuvenate body, mind and soul. It is the easiest way to pamper yourself and make your skin refreshing and gorgeous. All through the week days, we lead such a hectic life that at weekend, a spa treatment is always preferable. But generally spa treatments are quite expensive. So, here are some of the essential tips which you can follow even at home for an exquisite spa therapy.

The followings are some of the homemade herbal packs for rejuvenating your skin:

1. Mix two tablespoon of dried lavender with two tablespoon of plain yoghurt. Stir it with thinly chopped oatmeal until the mix becomes a paste. Then pull back your hair and wash your face with normal water and pat dry it. Apply the mix all over the face avoiding eyes and mouth. After 10 minutes, remove the mask with lukewarm water.

2. In a bowl, take half a cup of brown sugar, one-forth cup of honey and some essential oils and mix it well. Scrub your body during shower with a natural loofah and apply the mixture. After a while, wash away the mix with normal water. This will make your skin glow and soft.

3. Blend half a cup of sea salt, half a cup of vegetable oil (almond or apricot oil are preferable) with three tablespoon of coconut oil and fifteen drops of essential oil. Apply this mix on your wet skin just after the shower and rinse it off well.

Some of the essentials tips which you should keep in mind are:

1. Make sure that you have a minimum of one and a half hour in your hand for a complete relaxation.
2. Light few fragrance candles.
3. Fill your bathing tub with tolerably hot water.
4. Unplug your telephone cord so that none tries to interrupt you.
5. Practice anti-stress exercise for fifteen to twenty minutes to keep you relaxed and calm.

Thus, with a spa treatment, have a wonderful weekend ahead!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Herbal way to remove under eye dark circles

Dark circles are a common beauty problem. Some of the basic reasons behind it are lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances, lack of proper nutrition, too much exposure to sun, due to stress or it can even happen due to heredity. This under eye dark circles gives an appearance of tiredness and illness. So, the following are some of the essential tips to get rid of the dark circles in herbal way:

1. Grate potato and apply it overnight atleast three times a week.
2. Make a paste of lemon juice, tomato juice, orange lentil flour and turmeric powder. Apply it on under eye dark circles and leave it for fifteen minutes and finally wash it off.
3. Squeeze juice out of grated cucumber. Dab two cotton balls into the juice and keep it onto your eyes. This will help the eyes to relax and make it tired-free.
4. Mix lemon juice, tomato juice and potato juice all together. Apply it on the dark circle and keep it over a night.
5. Massage your under eye dark circles with almond oil at bed time daily for two consecutive weeks.
6. Apply a mix of a teaspoon of milk powder with honey. Keep it until it dries out completely and wash off well.
7. Take plenty of sleep; atleast for eight hours.
8. Drink plenty of water.
9. Eat healthy nutritional diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. 10. Finally, reduce stress by practicing yoga and meditation. Pranayama helps to reduce dark circles and increases the glow of skin.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Homemade Remedies for Acne

Acne is generally found among teenagers having oily skin on their face, neck and back. Here are few homemade recipes for preventing acne and reducing their marks left on the skin:

1. Make a paste of orange peel powder with water. Then apply it to the effected areas.
2. Make a paste of fresh fenugreek leaves and water. Apply it all over the night and then wash it off the next day morning.
3. Mix equal amount of lemon juice and rose water. Apply it on the acne with a cotton ball. Leave it for half an hour and wash off well. Continue with this recipe for atleast twenty days.
4. Remove all the makeup at night and wash your face with lukewarm water using Neem based soap.
5. Several times in a day, rub the acne with garlic cloves. They are really helpful.
6. Squeaky clean your face and dab egg white with a cotton ball on the acne. Leave it for an hour and wash off well.
7. Only on acne spot apply some toothpaste at night time. Make sure that you do not apply it on your skin, as it’ll make your skin dry.
8. Apply a paste of rosewater with sandalwood on the acne area. It is the best home remedy basically for oily skin.
9. To one cup of boiling water, pour two to three teaspoon of dried basil leaves. Leave it to cool down and then with a cotton ball, apply on the acne.
10. Finally drink atleast one liter of water and plenty of fresh fruits.