Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Massage with Ayurvedic massage oil

The exact meaning of ‘Massage’ is to treatment the soft tissues of the body by the different techniques of hands. Massage has been used as medication since ancient time in India, china, Greece, Egypt, Rome etc. According to ayurveda massage has lots of benefit for making body fit and also for curing different diseases. Some of them are as follows-

1) It helps to remove fatigue.
2) Soothes the nerves.
3) Makes skin smooth and also stronger the surface of the skin.
4) Boosts up endurance.
5) Stimulate to well sleep.
6) Build up the total body system. It strengthens the immune system and enhances energy and vitality.
7) Removes ageing etc.

Massage also helps to cure different ailments like Insomnia, anxiety, indigestion, stress, infertility, sciatica, hormonal imbalance, skin disorders, lethargy etc.

There are many different forms of massage therapies each of them having several benefits. It can be performed in standing position, sitting position or laying upon on a flat surface. Massage therapy helps to bring fresh oxygen to various tissues of the muscles through direct pressure, improving circulation and thus facilitating the eradication of the waste products of the cells.

Massage therapy can be done with different products. Among them
ayurvedic massage oils have their great importance. They may contain many aromatic herbs (lavender, bergamot, ashwagandha, lemon etc.), castor oil, eucalyptus oil, clove oil etc. which make you feel comfort and promote deep sleep. Some may also contain herbs those are having cooling effect like aloe vera, vetiver, neem etc. These type of oils help to get more benefits at the time of massage.


At 11:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just like ayurvedic massage there has some other well-known massage which has been used. They are as follows:
Tuina, the traditional Chinese massage
Shiatsu (Japanese massage)
Cachunga Massage- Traditional Persian Massage
Lomilomi — Traditional Hawaiian Massage
Canadian Deep Muscle Massage etc.


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