Friday, May 25, 2007

The Multipurpose use of Neem

The wide range of medicinal properties of neem has been known to the people of India since time immemorial. Each and every part of neem tree serves a certain purpose. Like, with the neem bark and sap, Ayucare Neem Toothpaste is made for maintaining healthy and bright teeth. Other parts of neem tree which are used for various purposes, are neem leaves, stems, fruits and flowers. Neem leaves are used in hot water bath to make the skin free from germs and any other kind of skin allergies. It even reduces perspiration and body odor. The best way to get rid of lice and dandruffs is to massage the hair with neem oil on the scalp over a night and then wash off the hair with neem water at the morning with the use of Ayucare Neem Shampoo, which even helps to moisturize the blistering scalp.
Neem oil is highly effective for treating diseases like ringworms, eczema, scabies, skin fungal infection and even ulcer. The barks and the leaves of neem is said to be having healing powers for cuts, acne, bruises and even skin blemishes. With the antibacterial properties of neem, Ayucare Neem all Purpose oil is highly effective for itchy and dry skin. It is even found that neem works excellent as a natural moisturizer which helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. So Ayucare made use of the effectiveness of neem on skin care as moisturizer for producing Ayucare Neem Moisturising Lotion. Basically, neem has been proven medicinally beneficial for some of the following purposes:
1. Allergies: Apply neem-based cream like Ayucare Neem Moisturizing Cream, which will help you from itchy and inflammation of rashes on skin.
2. Viral diseases: Neem is used to treat viral diseases such as small-pox, chicken-pox and the best way to treat them is to make paste out of the leaves of neem and rub them directly on to the infected areas.
3. Arthritis: Neem contains many antibacterial properties which help to suppress pains and kill infectious causes.

Because of such miraculous healing effects of neem, even now, India consider neem tree as “Village Pharmacy”. In many of the parts of India, neem tree is used as an essential for daily life.


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