Monday, January 22, 2007

Stress and Relaxation:

Stress is an emotional and physical disorder due to our reaction against the happenings or incidents around us. It can be defined as “a particular pattern of disturbing psychological and physiological reactions that occur when an environment event threatens important motives and taxes one's ability to cope” (Source: The term “stress” is getting very common in our present life style. Everyone here from a student to a Business man, a politician to a house wife almost everyone suffers with it due to our changed lifestyle. The main reason is high competition in our society. Sometimes unlimited tension may leads to our different psychological and physiological problems. It may also be fatal sometimes. Heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, headache, insomnia, mental disorder etc may also occur due to excessive stress or tension. Now the question is how we do stay well and cope up with our hectic lifestyle?

We have to know the proper way of realizing stress and relaxing to lead a happy and healthy life style. The more we release stress the more easily we can handle the situations. The easiest way of relaxing is to take some nice deep breath. Another way of reducing stress is practicing yoga. One of the common breathing exercises is as follows:
At first, find a calm place where you won’t be disturbed or interrupted by anyone else. Sit down or lie down (whichever you feel would be better for you) and inhale slowly. Count one to ten gently and then slowly exhale by counting backward.

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy is also good for relieving stress. According to Ayurveda ashwagandha is an ideal herb that can release day to day stress. Positive thinking, self confidence and living without abnormal expectations are great ways of leading a healthy and stress free life.


At 4:04 AM, Anonymous lizzy said...

I owe a private company of manufacturing holograms. Because of my business, I am bound to travel many parts of the world for convincing my client and to get positive results out of the meetings. This led me to tremendous stress and anxiety. Do massage treatment help me to overcome my trouble?

At 10:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To some extent stress is also helpful as it may bring motivation power. Little bit of stress is also helpful to make you serious for your work. But when the stress level of a human being cross the limit it affects the body and mind which generate many crucial diseases. So nowadays psychologists are working hard on it. Counseling is a good way to know the exact cause of our stress.

At 10:34 PM, Anonymous vitamin c acne said...

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At 4:06 AM, Anonymous sabrina said...

Earlier, I was really stressed out after coming back home from office. So, I started learning yoga, on advice of my cousin. It was amazing. I started feeling the difference with a short span of time. I’d never tried massaging treatment, but I like to do it atleast once.

At 8:52 PM, Blogger miki said...

The best Ayurvedic herb for stress relief is by far Tulsi (Holi Basil). I use the 'Organic India' one. They have teas and formulas.


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