Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Therapeutic value of Liquorice :

Liquorice is a deep rooted plant and found mainly in the mediterranean region, central and southwest Asia. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic in nature. The main part of the plant which is used in preparing medicine is the root. The root of the liquorice plant is beneficial in treating coughs, colds and some other respiratory infections.

Some medicinal values of liquorice-
1. Quite useful in treating gastric ulcers, gastric distress, acidity, arthritis.
2.It has importance for the treatment of Hepatitis B.
3. Liquorice also has importance in psoriasis, allergic disorders, chronic fatigue, eczema and depression due to hormonal imbalances.


At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Paula Jones said...

I make liquorice candy for my grandchildren, by extracting water from the liquorice root, and then mix it with sugar, corn syrup and flour. Because of its sweetening and flavored characteristics, liquorice tastes excellent.

At 4:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I even heard that liquorice helps to open and soothes the facial pores. In ancient Greek, liquorice is used to treat chest problem.


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