Saturday, November 11, 2006

Neem – The Miracle herb

Neem leaves are excellent for skin disorders, especially for pimples. But before we know anything else, we should have a clear conception about “pimples”.
Pimples occur when the follicles get obstructed. Sebum oil, which normally bleeds to the surface, gets blocked and bacteria begin to grow. Some pimples can finally lead to permanent scars. Although, acne cannot cause life threatening condition, but it can actually be depressing and upsetting. There are many products which help to cure pimples, but some may cause side effects, which can actually lead to a terrible situation. So, the best way to cure pimples is to go for natural cures.
Neem kills the bacteria, that cause acne, spots and pimples and reduces redness and inflammation. And neem oil works wonderful in reducing acne scars. Some of the ways in which neem can be used to treat pimples are as follows:
1. At first, wash the neem leaves and crush them. Then make a paste out of it and apply it onto the infected parts. Leave it for atleast an hour or so. This works wonderfully to dry up the pimples earlier.
2. Make a paste of neem powder, red sandalwood powder and curd in equal proportions. Then apply this mixture on to the affected area.
Neem is having the properties of antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. So, it is highly beneficial for skin treatment, but with the extra advantage of lofty fatty acid content.



At 1:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey blogger,
Your posting was quite informative. Thanks. I too use neem to soothe the skin and heal the eruptions, like pimples and black heads. It has even helped me to fade the scars of old acne.


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