Saturday, December 09, 2006

Calendula- The ornamental plant with medicinal values :

Aah! The name itself carries a beautiful fragrance….

Another common name of calendula is Marigold. This marigold is grown all over the world as an ornamental plant, particularly in North America and Europe.
My grandma stays in North America. In my early days, almost every year, I used to visit her place with my parents.
The major attraction was her garden in her residence, which was awesome because the garden, which used to be full of Calendula flowers, mostly bloomed once in a month or at the new moon.
Although I have mentioned it as an ornamental plant, but the petals of calendula is used for centuries in medicinal purposes.
In Europe, it is used for producing sweat in fevers and in curing jaundice. Calendula is even used to prepare medicine in United States during the 19th century to treat stomach ulcers, wounds, conjunctivitis and liver complaints. Thus the list of applications of calendula is quite a high; even having the properties of healing wound, anti-inflammatory in nature, used in minor burns (including sunburns) and even used in soar throat. Topical uses of calendula would be for scratch, acne, and burns on skin.
Many of the creams contain calendula which is used especially for dry and sensitive skin. Those cream are used as day cream, mostly on the face and neck area. Calendula works as an exceptional skin conditioner and is well known for its ability to mend damaged skin, reduces blemishes, cure bedsores and other forms of fungus.


At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Jenny said...

Hello Blogger,
This is a very informative post. Thank you for letting us knows the different kind of benefits of calendula. Once I remember that my grandson was suffering from ear pain, which caused due to infection. Then our physician gave a pain-relieving medicine, which was containing lot of herbs’ extracts – one of them was calendula. And the other was mullein flower and garlic.


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