Saturday, July 14, 2007

Vegetables for Healthy skin

For glowing skin and healthy body, vegetables are always recommended. But many of us are quite unaware of the fact that vegetables can be applied directly to our skin as face masks and skin care treatment.
The following tips are used to make the skin lustrous using vegetables:
1. Take gauze and fill it with grated potato. Compress it around the eyes to remove dark circles. You can even use sliced cucumber onto your eyes for making the eyes relaxed and giving it a cooling effect.
2. For smooth skin, grate a carrot and mix it well with one teaspoon of honey. Now apply the mask all over the face. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off. Feel the difference.
3. Mix a spoon of fresh cream with a cup of pureed spinach. Apply all over the face and leave it for about half an hour. It gives a glowing effect to the skin.
4. Mix grated fresh radish, one spoon of vinegar, one spoon of lemon juice and one spoon of honey with distilled water and store it in a bottle. Wash the skin regularly with the mix. It is useful for shrinking open pores and reducing greasiness.
5. If you are tired, then mix one spoon of honey with an egg white and grated potato. Apply it all over face and let it dry for sometimes. Then wash off your face with cold water and feel the freshness.
6. Apply a mix of one grated tomato, a spoon of sandalwood powder, half a spoon of china clay and rose water as per requirement. Leave the mask for twenty minutes and then wash off your face. It helps to tighten the skin.
7. Make a puree of pumpkin and mix it with egg yolk and milk. Apply the mask onto the face and wash it off after thirty minutes for a glowing skin.
8. Apply carrot juice on daily basis to remove the blemishes.
9. Apply cauliflower juice on moles in regular basis to fall quickly.
10. For reducing pimples, apply garlic juice onto the face for regular basis.


At 11:15 PM, Anonymous K. ford said...

Thanks for your beauty tips. My skin used to be very oily with many pimples, which was very embarrassing. But now my skin has been totally changed through natural way. You can also try out the way what I used for my skin: First of all make a mixture of boiled tulshi, curry leaves and neem leaves in fresh water and then mix it with fresh bananna and papaya. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off with tepid water.

At 3:14 AM, Anonymous luca said...

hey blogger, really interesting posting. Most probably many of us have no idea about the usage or the effects of pumpkin, cauliflower or garlic on skin.

At 12:32 AM, Anonymous Claudia said...

First I didn't believe in Ayuveda. I had skin problems which my dermatologist couldn't deal with. It would erupt every time I stopped medications. Then my colleague who goes to Yoga classes in New York suggested I try Ayurvedic products.
I tried many.
Ayucare Neem worked well, I think. I was told Neem has the properties which deal with such skin conditions. I happy with the Ayucare products and would recomm end any one who wants to use Ayurveda products.

At 8:19 AM, Blogger Dr.Savitha Suri said...

Very nice and useful tips. Keep on blogging

Dr.Savitha Suri

At 11:25 PM, Anonymous Ayurvedic Treatments said...

Thanks for provide useful tips to me. I am searching for the same from a very long time.I really need these tips.


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