Friday, May 18, 2007

Alzheimer: a mental disorder

A progressive destroy in mental function of an individual leads to ALZHEIMER. It is basically a condition where a person’s memory is unable to remember the places, the things or people with whom they are mostly familiar with. Mild forgetfulness is the initial stages of Alzheimer; but it may lead to tremendous declination of the mental condition of a person. Thus, an individual experiences a change in their personality. As the disease progress, the patient may not have control in their bowels; may hallucinate or accuse their family members of stealing; may keep on repeating the same things or may not recognize themselves and they are even unable to make judgment.

Beside solving puzzles, which is a wonderful way of doing mental exercise; regular physical exercise, regular social interaction, keeping a control on high blood pressure and cholesterol level and reducing the smoking habits can reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease; although the exact condition of the diseases is not yet clear. Age is definitely a factor which plays a big role, but still now it is not clear whether the disease is hereditary or not.

Foods which are antioxidants in nature works well for the patients of Alzheimer. They need to take a nutritional diet rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Green tea is also considered to be useful for them.


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At 2:12 AM, Anonymous fathema said...

My grandmother is 96 years old and she suffers from the initial stages of Alzheimer for the past five years. My parents had consulted with many specialists, but there were no such improvement.
I was worried about my parents, since I thought it’s a hereditary disease. But after reading your piece of information (which was really very informative), I learnt about some of the unknown facts. Thank you for your good advice.


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