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Garlic came from the old English word “garleac”, which means “spear leek”. It’s been used as a staple food for long in Mediterranean region. Egyptians worship garlic and since it is highly prized, so they are even used as currency.
Garlic is used both as for taste as well as for medicine in various cultures for thousands of years. Most of the Indians cannot think of preparing food without garlic. But, garlic almost looses the medicinal value once it has been cooked well with spices. Garlic belongs to onion family. It is mostly cultivated in cool winter climates. Eating garlic daily with proper dose, as per doctors’ prescription, helps to prevent cancer and cardio-vascular diseases specially. The other medicinal values of garlic are as follows:
1). It has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.
2). It helps to regulate blood pressure as well as blood sugar.
3). It helps in minimizing the cholesterol level.
4). It has anti-oxidant properties.
5). It prevents blood from clotting and thus reduces the possibility of strokes and heart attacks.
6). Raw garlic is wonderful natural antibiotics.


At 1:41 AM, Anonymous clonny said...

I heard that Egyptians uses garlic as a charm to repel vampires and protect them against evil spirit. They even used to feed garlic to the slaves who built pyramids, believing that it increases their physical strength.

At 9:26 PM, Anonymous samanthana said...

Garlic makes the food more delicious. Since it has the power to destroy infections causing virus and bacteria and since it regulates stomach functions, so it has high medicinal values. It reminds me about my favourite recipe, Garlic chicken, which I like to share with you all.
At first, wash two chicken breast well and then cut them into pieces. Then take 15 gram of butter in a pan and add one tablespoon of olive oil to it. Add a chopped onion and cook it gently until it turns into golden brown. Now, add two cloves crushed garlic and cook it for some more time. Put in chicken pieces and sauté well. Now add 250 ml of chicken stock seasoned with salt and pepper to taste, followed by some chopped parsley and cook it in medium flame for a while, atleast for 20 minutes. Do not cover the container. Now, gently remove the chicken pieces and turn up the heat to reduce the gravy by about half. After the gravy becomes thick, remove it from heat and stir it in two tablespoon of yoghurt.
Now serve it with your favourite dishes.

At 2:22 AM, Anonymous floria said...

Does garlic really prevents heart attack? Thats a strange information. Anyways, thank you.

At 10:52 PM, Anonymous Season said...

Good for people to know.


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